13 crazy dare ideas for your next game of truth or dare

When was the last time you played truth or dare? Probably high school, college, or maybe even before that. What if I were to tell you that there’s a new trend that’s taken adults by storm and that it’s the R-rated version of truth or dare? Our guess is that you’re super interested. You can play the adults only version of truth or dare with your significant other, a group of single friends, or even a group of couples. All three versions are just as fun- it just depends on what vibe you’re going for! So you might be thinking that you’re intrigued by this game but don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we have created the ultimate list of crazy dare ideas for you to try out at your next truth or dare game. Readers discretion is advised.

1. Skinny dip.

This dare would be best if you’re at a house or hotel with a pool or near a body of water. (A safe one that is.) Skinny dipping is old school but is still exciting and fun because well, you’re naked, and you’re in water. This would be super fun with a big group of singles.

2. Send an anonymous nude or sexy pic to your crush.

We say anonymous because we don’t want you to be publicly scorned on the internet in case your crush is a psycho. If they’re not, dare someone to send their crush a nude or sexy pic and see what they’re reaction is. According to this article ( it can really help find out if they’re interested, so why not try?

3. Do a body shot off the person you think is hottest.

Dare someone to take a body shot off of whoever they think is hottest in the room. This dare obviously only works for a group of singles. This dare is clearly fun for the people participating, but it’s also just as fun for the people watching!

4. Flash.

Simple, to the point, we all know what flashing entails.

5. Wear women’s/ men’s underwear for a full day.
Dare a woman to wear a pair of men’s briefs all day, or dare a man to wear a woman’s thong all day. Talk about uncomfortable in more ways than one.

13 crazy dare ideas for your next game of truth or dare

6. Give a lap dance.

This dare works for all three categories: singles, couples, or a group of singles. Lap dances are intimate, sexy, and arguably underrated! Dare your significant other or someone else to give a lap dance to spice up your truth or dare game.

7. Lick someone’s toes.

Gross? Maybe. Crazy? Yes. No one will be expecting this dare when you pull it out.

8. Girl on girl.

If you’re in a group of couples or singles, dare one of the girls to kiss another. Totally college? Maybe, but still fun and entertaining to watch.

9. Have sex in a public place.

This dare is best if you’re playing with a group of couples. Dare one of the couples to have sex in a public place. Get specific if you want and come up with the cruelest or funniest place you can think of.

10. Kiss the next person who passes by you.

If you’re playing in a public-ish area, like a hotel, pool, you get the gist- this dare is perfect. Dare someone to kiss the next person who walks by- no matter what.

11. Call your crush and ask them out.

Dare someone to call their crush and ask them out, this is only crazy if they’ve never been out with the person yet. Embarrassing, kind of cruel, and entertaining- the perfect dare!

12. Do a strip tease.

This would be perfect for a couple trying to spice things up in the bedroom, but it also works for singles who feel like getting crazy. Put on some music and dare them to do a strip tease as seriously as they can.

13. Lick frosting/ whipped cream off someone’s mouth.

This is another dare that works for all three categories I’ve mentioned before. It’s straightforward but exciting and sexy!