7 Sexy Dares For Your Next Truth or Dare Game

If you think that the game truth or dare was just for you and your buddies when you were prepubescent, think again. Truth or dare can be a sexy and fun game for willing adults as well. Playing a more mature version of truth or dare with your partner, a group of couples or a group of singles is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night. You’re probably super into this idea but might not know where to start. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of 7 sexy dares to use at your next hot truth or dare game!

1. Dare #1: Run a lap around the house naked.

This one is classic because it was probably a dare that was thrown out when you played as a 12-year-old, but this time around it’s a lot more interesting. This dare would be best for a group of single friends or acquaintances because daring your boyfriend or girlfriend to do this is pretty pointless. This dare kills three birds with one stone: it’s embarrassing, hilarious to watch, but also get to check out the other person’ s goods while you’re at it.

2. Dare #2: Give someone, or your partner, a lap dance.

This dare can go a couple of different ways, which is awesome. You can use this dare with a group of single friends or just with your partner; it works either way. With a group of single friends, you can either dare them to choose someone to give a lap dance to or let them choose! This would be fun and sexy, but could also get a bit awkward to do with an audience, so maybe make sure there are some drinks being served beforehand. If you decide to try this dare out with your partner, it’s definitely going to be a lot more intimate and arguably hotter than if you did it with an audience.

3. Dare #3: Wear a pair of your partner’s underwear all day.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this dare with a group of singles, cuz it could be less funny or arousing than if you did it with your significant other. Getting your boyfriend to wear a lacey thong all day long is hilarious and entertaining and is sure to be a story you can tell for later.

7 Sexy Dares For Your Next Truth or Dare Game

4. Dare #4: Get it on in a public or strange place.

This dare would be ideal for a group of couples, and you can get creative or even downright cruel with your location selections. Dare one of the couples to have sex outside or in a public place and take a picture (nothing graphic, please!) to prove that they did it.

5. Dare #5: Act out a sexual fantasy.

This dare can go for all three options; it can work for couples, a group of couples, or even a group of singles. For a couple, dare your partner to act out one of your sexual fantasies together, whatever that might be. If you’re with a group of singles, simply dare an individual to share one of their sexual fantasies with the group. If you’re with a group of couples, dare one of them to share their fantasy with the group and then act it out later that night.

6. Dare #6: Spank someone else.

This dare is definitely for a group of singles because let’s be honest, for couples it’s just boring! Dare one of your single friends to choose someone to spank, or let them choose on their own- which might be the most interesting way to go.

7. Dare #7: Take a body shot off of someone.

This would be best suited for a group of singles or a group of couples because it’s way more fun with an audience. Dare a single duo or a couple to take a body shot off of one another- not only is it hot but it’s a way to get your buzz on too!