9 Best Truth Questions to During Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is no longer just for teens and youngsters; it’s become a trendy and hot game to play for adults with your significant other or group of single friends. The game is simple, doesn’t need any prep or equipment, and can be played virtually anywhere. You can put a sexy, mischievous, dirty, or funny spin on your truth or dare game- it just depends on the vibe you’re going for. To get you started, we took the liberty of providing you with a list of 7 best truth questions to ask during your next adult version of truth or dare. Proceed with caution.

Truth #1: What’s your biggest turn on? What’s your biggest turn-off?

This question is best for a group of singles, but for sure can be interesting to ask your significant other during a truth or dare session, too. Finding out your crush’s turn on and turn offs is obviously a step in the right direction to figuring out what makes them tick and what doesn’t. If you’re dating someone and ask them this truth, it’s clearly very helpful stuff for you to know and remember.

Truth #2: When is the last time you watched porn?

The answers to this truth guarantee some laughs, blushing, and embarrassment- which is what truth or dare is all about, right? This question is better for a group of singles because asking your partner this could annoy or even piss off some controlling girlfriends. There’s obviously no way of knowing if their answer is true or not, so I guess you’ll just have to take their word for it regardless. But honestly, watching the way the person answering squirms should be a telling sign of if they’re lying or not!

Truth #3: Who are you most attracted to in this room?

If you’re trying to spice things up amongst a group of singles, this is the right question to ask. Who knows, the answers to this question could spark a flame or be the start of something between two people playing the game. But, ask with caution, because if your crush answers and they’re not the most attracted to you, things could get real sour and sad.

Truth #4: What’s the best and worst sexual experience you’ve ever had?

Storytime! This dual question is sure to produce some good stories and might even turn some people on. On the other hand, the worst sexual experience truths could teach some people lessons on exactly what not to do.

9 Best Truth Questions to During Truth or Dare

Truth #5: Would you ever have a threesome?

You should ask this question with a group of singles as well as with your significant other because the answers are very telling. What if you always assumed your partner wouldn’t be into the idea, but then they say they are? You just opened a whole new world of opportunities in the bedroom. If you ask this question amongst singles, you’ll be able to see which individuals are on the same page of you- or aren’t- and can explore those new revelations if you want, if you know what I mean.

Truth #6: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?

The answers to this truth will probably be a wide variety. Everyone has gotten down in a strange, unfamiliar, and unexpected place- so most people will have a great story to tell of it. You’ll also be able to see which of your single friends are more risky, and which ones are a little bit more vanilla.

Truth #7: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Basically, everyone has some sort of sexual fantasy they want to indulge in one day, but not everyone shares that information with others. Whether it’s super out there or not, hearing your partner’s sexual fantasies is important to know so that you can spice things up when the need be. It’s also fun and funny to hear your single friend’s fantasies to maybe get some ideas.

Truth #8: Have you ever had a gay/ lesbian sexual experience?

Asking if someone has ever crossed over to the other side might not be the first truth that comes to mind, but why not? I’ll bet most girls will say yes, because of that cliche college trend where girls make out with each other, which will undoubtedly get the guys in the group excited. This question might reveal that you don’t know the person as well as you thought you did.

Truth #9: Who is the oldest person you’ve ever had sex with? The youngest?

All illegal situations aside, this truth can reveal some funny or even disturbing revelations. What if your guy friend was secretly into cougars and you had no idea? Or your girl friend was into guys way younger than her? Well, the best way of finding out is asking!