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13 crazy dare ideas for your next game of truth or dare

When was the last time you played truth or dare? Probably high school, college, or maybe even before that. What if I were to tell you that there’s a new trend that’s taken adults by storm and that it’s the R-rated version of truth or dare? Our guess is that you’re super interested. You can play the adults only version of truth or dare with your significant other, a group of single friends, or even a group of couples. All three versions are just as fun- it just depends on what vibe you’re going for! So you might be thinking that you’re intrigued by this game but don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we have created the ultimate list of crazy dare ideas for you to try out at your next truth or dare game. Readers discretion is advised.

1. Skinny dip.

This dare would be best if you’re at a house or hotel with a pool or near a body of water. (A safe one that is.) Skinny dipping is old school but is still exciting and fun because well, you’re naked, and you’re in water. This would be super fun with a big group of singles.

2. Send an anonymous nude or sexy pic to your crush.

We say anonymous because we don’t want you to be publicly scorned on the internet in case your crush is a psycho. If they’re not, dare someone to send their crush a nude or sexy pic and see what they’re reaction is. According to this article ( it can really help find out if they’re interested, so why not try?

3. Do a body shot off the person you think is hottest.

Dare someone to take a body shot off of whoever they think is hottest in the room. This dare obviously only works for a group of singles. This dare is clearly fun for the people participating, but it’s also just as fun for the people watching!

4. Flash.

Simple, to the point, we all know what flashing entails.

5. Wear women’s/ men’s underwear for a full day.
Dare a woman to wear a pair of men’s briefs all day, or dare a man to wear a woman’s thong all day. Talk about uncomfortable in more ways than one.

13 crazy dare ideas for your next game of truth or dare

6. Give a lap dance.

This dare works for all three categories: singles, couples, or a group of singles. Lap dances are intimate, sexy, and arguably underrated! Dare your significant other or someone else to give a lap dance to spice up your truth or dare game.

7. Lick someone’s toes.

Gross? Maybe. Crazy? Yes. No one will be expecting this dare when you pull it out.

8. Girl on girl.

If you’re in a group of couples or singles, dare one of the girls to kiss another. Totally college? Maybe, but still fun and entertaining to watch.

9. Have sex in a public place.

This dare is best if you’re playing with a group of couples. Dare one of the couples to have sex in a public place. Get specific if you want and come up with the cruelest or funniest place you can think of.

10. Kiss the next person who passes by you.

If you’re playing in a public-ish area, like a hotel, pool, you get the gist- this dare is perfect. Dare someone to kiss the next person who walks by- no matter what.

11. Call your crush and ask them out.

Dare someone to call their crush and ask them out, this is only crazy if they’ve never been out with the person yet. Embarrassing, kind of cruel, and entertaining- the perfect dare!

12. Do a strip tease.

This would be perfect for a couple trying to spice things up in the bedroom, but it also works for singles who feel like getting crazy. Put on some music and dare them to do a strip tease as seriously as they can.

13. Lick frosting/ whipped cream off someone’s mouth.

This is another dare that works for all three categories I’ve mentioned before. It’s straightforward but exciting and sexy!


8 Things you should never do if you want a free fuck

Who wants to deal with relationships anymore? They’re so much time, energy, and the breakup is always a huge emotional mess that no one wants to clean up. If you’re young, or just carefree, you would do better without relationships and could really benefit with a fuckbuddy instead. So what is this? It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s someone who is only in your life for only one reason: to sleep with. Yup, that’s it. No dates, no fighting, no commitment, just pure fun sex. Sounds ideal, right? To some yes. But some people continue to ruin their situation by doing particular things that we will discuss today. So if you want a fuck buddy who will fuck for free, and don’t want to fuck it up, then this article is perfect for you.

1. Don’t sleepover.

Sleeping over is a very intimate thing that you only should do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or person you’re dating. AKA do not ever sleep over at your fuck buddies house. You have got to trust us on this, because sleeping over is a recipe for disaster. You and your fuckbuddy are only using each other for one thing: sex. Sleeping over gives off the vibe that you want something more serious and intimate, which is contradicting to your setup. More than likely, once you’re done having sex, the person just wants you to leave. Why drag it out? So sleeping over is guaranteed to stop your hookups for good.

2. Don’t get jealous.

No one likes someone who gets bit by the jealousy bug, and honestly getting jealous is a bad feeling too. The best part about fuckbuddies is the fact that you can still play the field. There is no commitment and no such thing as cheating, so getting jealous is strictly forbidden. There’s a reason your fuckbuddy doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend: they don’t want to deal with the drama of relationships. And you guessed it, jealousy is something they don’t want to deal with either. Getting jealous over someone that isn’t even yours makes you look crazy. If you’re the type of person that gets jealous easily then you should not be in this casual situation.

3. Don’t blow their phone up.

We all get annoyed when someone blows our phone up, and fuckbuddies are no different. The fastest way to never get a call or text back from your fuckbuddy is by blowing their phone up. It makes you seem desperate and immature, and no one wants to deal with that. Even people in relationships get annoyed when their partner blows them up, so fuckbuddies get even more irritated. Your setup is supposed to be very casual and only about sex. So, if you’re not texting about when to meet up to bang, you shouldn’t be talking at all.

8 Things you should never do if you want a free fuck

4. Don’t get feelings for them.

This is a biggie. Gaining feelings for your fuckbuddy is the worst thing you can do, because chances are they don’t feel the same way back. This person isn’t interested in dating you for a reason, they just want sex, as bad as that sounds- you’re the one who agreed to it. If you think there’s any part of you- even deep down- that has intentions of growing a stronger connection with this person, get out of it. This is purely for your own good.

5. Don’t introduce them to your friends or family.

Introducing someone you’re sleeping with to your friends and family is a huge step and should only happen if you two are dating. For the millionth time, you are NOT dating your fuckbuddy, so you should not introduce them to any of your friends or family. Of course, if they come over and your roommate is sitting on the couch then that’s awkward if you don’t offer a simple introduction. But anything outside of that circumstance is off limits. You don’t want to bring them into any aspect of your life besides the bedroom.

6. Don’t send them anything you wouldn’t care about others seeing.

You might be confused. If my fuckbuddy is simply for sleeping with, shouldn’t I be able to send sexy texts and pictures? That seems like a logical thing to do? But we argue no. You are not close with this person, you’re not friends, and you don’t care about each other’s feelings or best interests. For these reasons, they have nothing stopping them from showing your sexts and sexy pictures to all their friends and maybe even more. Hopefully they have good morals but honestly you can never be too sure. And once you put something out there, it’s in cyberspace forever, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Don’t forget to use protection.

This should seem like a given, but always use protection. Like I mentioned earlier, you both are most likely playing the field and sleeping with other people besides each other. This clearly means there’s a huge possibility of getting an STD. For obvious reasons, you need to be as safe as possible so you don’t catch anything. And no one wants to get pregnant with their fuckbuddy, right? Right. No matter how in the moment you are, or how drunk you get, you have to use protection.

8. Don’t go on dates.

This should be obvious, but please for the love of god don’t try to go on a date with your fuckbuddy. Even if it is something as minimal as breakfast after morning sex, skip out. Dates are for couples who are exclusive or who have intentions about getting serious. Dates allow you to get more intimate, get to know each other, and build a deeper connection. Neither of you should have either of these intentions, so don’t go on dates– you are NOT dating.


9 Best Truth Questions to During Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is no longer just for teens and youngsters; it’s become a trendy and hot game to play for adults with your significant other or group of single friends. The game is simple, doesn’t need any prep or equipment, and can be played virtually anywhere. You can put a sexy, mischievous, dirty, or funny spin on your truth or dare game- it just depends on the vibe you’re going for. To get you started, we took the liberty of providing you with a list of 7 best truth questions to ask during your next adult version of truth or dare. Proceed with caution.

Truth #1: What’s your biggest turn on? What’s your biggest turn-off?

This question is best for a group of singles, but for sure can be interesting to ask your significant other during a truth or dare session, too. Finding out your crush’s turn on and turn offs is obviously a step in the right direction to figuring out what makes them tick and what doesn’t. If you’re dating someone and ask them this truth, it’s clearly very helpful stuff for you to know and remember.

Truth #2: When is the last time you watched porn?

The answers to this truth guarantee some laughs, blushing, and embarrassment- which is what truth or dare is all about, right? This question is better for a group of singles because asking your partner this could annoy or even piss off some controlling girlfriends. There’s obviously no way of knowing if their answer is true or not, so I guess you’ll just have to take their word for it regardless. But honestly, watching the way the person answering squirms should be a telling sign of if they’re lying or not!

Truth #3: Who are you most attracted to in this room?

If you’re trying to spice things up amongst a group of singles, this is the right question to ask. Who knows, the answers to this question could spark a flame or be the start of something between two people playing the game. But, ask with caution, because if your crush answers and they’re not the most attracted to you, things could get real sour and sad.

Truth #4: What’s the best and worst sexual experience you’ve ever had?

Storytime! This dual question is sure to produce some good stories and might even turn some people on. On the other hand, the worst sexual experience truths could teach some people lessons on exactly what not to do.

9 Best Truth Questions to During Truth or Dare

Truth #5: Would you ever have a threesome?

You should ask this question with a group of singles as well as with your significant other because the answers are very telling. What if you always assumed your partner wouldn’t be into the idea, but then they say they are? You just opened a whole new world of opportunities in the bedroom. If you ask this question amongst singles, you’ll be able to see which individuals are on the same page of you- or aren’t- and can explore those new revelations if you want, if you know what I mean.

Truth #6: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?

The answers to this truth will probably be a wide variety. Everyone has gotten down in a strange, unfamiliar, and unexpected place- so most people will have a great story to tell of it. You’ll also be able to see which of your single friends are more risky, and which ones are a little bit more vanilla.

Truth #7: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Basically, everyone has some sort of sexual fantasy they want to indulge in one day, but not everyone shares that information with others. Whether it’s super out there or not, hearing your partner’s sexual fantasies is important to know so that you can spice things up when the need be. It’s also fun and funny to hear your single friend’s fantasies to maybe get some ideas.

Truth #8: Have you ever had a gay/ lesbian sexual experience?

Asking if someone has ever crossed over to the other side might not be the first truth that comes to mind, but why not? I’ll bet most girls will say yes, because of that cliche college trend where girls make out with each other, which will undoubtedly get the guys in the group excited. This question might reveal that you don’t know the person as well as you thought you did.

Truth #9: Who is the oldest person you’ve ever had sex with? The youngest?

All illegal situations aside, this truth can reveal some funny or even disturbing revelations. What if your guy friend was secretly into cougars and you had no idea? Or your girl friend was into guys way younger than her? Well, the best way of finding out is asking!


7 Sexy Dares For Your Next Truth or Dare Game

If you think that the game truth or dare was just for you and your buddies when you were prepubescent, think again. Truth or dare can be a sexy and fun game for willing adults as well. Playing a more mature version of truth or dare with your partner, a group of couples or a group of singles is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night. You’re probably super into this idea but might not know where to start. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of 7 sexy dares to use at your next hot truth or dare game!

1. Dare #1: Run a lap around the house naked.

This one is classic because it was probably a dare that was thrown out when you played as a 12-year-old, but this time around it’s a lot more interesting. This dare would be best for a group of single friends or acquaintances because daring your boyfriend or girlfriend to do this is pretty pointless. This dare kills three birds with one stone: it’s embarrassing, hilarious to watch, but also get to check out the other person’ s goods while you’re at it.

2. Dare #2: Give someone, or your partner, a lap dance.

This dare can go a couple of different ways, which is awesome. You can use this dare with a group of single friends or just with your partner; it works either way. With a group of single friends, you can either dare them to choose someone to give a lap dance to or let them choose! This would be fun and sexy, but could also get a bit awkward to do with an audience, so maybe make sure there are some drinks being served beforehand. If you decide to try this dare out with your partner, it’s definitely going to be a lot more intimate and arguably hotter than if you did it with an audience.

3. Dare #3: Wear a pair of your partner’s underwear all day.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this dare with a group of singles, cuz it could be less funny or arousing than if you did it with your significant other. Getting your boyfriend to wear a lacey thong all day long is hilarious and entertaining and is sure to be a story you can tell for later.

7 Sexy Dares For Your Next Truth or Dare Game

4. Dare #4: Get it on in a public or strange place.

This dare would be ideal for a group of couples, and you can get creative or even downright cruel with your location selections. Dare one of the couples to have sex outside or in a public place and take a picture (nothing graphic, please!) to prove that they did it.

5. Dare #5: Act out a sexual fantasy.

This dare can go for all three options; it can work for couples, a group of couples, or even a group of singles. For a couple, dare your partner to act out one of your sexual fantasies together, whatever that might be. If you’re with a group of singles, simply dare an individual to share one of their sexual fantasies with the group. If you’re with a group of couples, dare one of them to share their fantasy with the group and then act it out later that night.

6. Dare #6: Spank someone else.

This dare is definitely for a group of singles because let’s be honest, for couples it’s just boring! Dare one of your single friends to choose someone to spank, or let them choose on their own- which might be the most interesting way to go.

7. Dare #7: Take a body shot off of someone.

This would be best suited for a group of singles or a group of couples because it’s way more fun with an audience. Dare a single duo or a couple to take a body shot off of one another- not only is it hot but it’s a way to get your buzz on too!